• To select tribes to participate in tribal self-governance and award planning and negotiation grants within established time frames.

  • To complete annual funding agreement negotiations with fiscal year tribes by June 30 and calendar year tribes by August 31 of each year for the 60 existing Self-Governance agreements and an anticipated 10 new Self-Governance agreements.

  • To maintain the financial integrity and timely and accurate delivery and reporting of all funds negotiated in the Self-Governance annual funding agreements.

  • To facilitate negotiations for non-BIA programs, services, functions or activities that are otherwise available to be operated under self-governance agreements, or that have a special geographic, historical or cultural connection to a self-governance tribe.

  • To work with Tribes and the Inspector General to close all outstanding A-128 audits for Self-Governance tribes and to process requests for waiver of BIA regulations within 60 day time frame.

  • To work with Tribes to submit an annual report to Congress by January 1 of each year.

  • To provide information to Tribes, Tribal members, other Federal agencies and the public regarding Self-Governance and other Self-Determination issues.